Current Robot

2019 OCCRA

Work in Progress*

Updates will be added as work progresses.

Previous Robots

2018 OCCRA


This is our robot for the 2018 OCCRA competition. The goal is to take the ball that was thrown over the fence and then try to score. The top goal scores three points and the lower goal results in two points. Balls laying on your side of the fields add a point per ball.

2018 FIRST


Guido was the robot that was in the Power Up competition by FIRST. The point of the game was to pick up cubes to place them on either scales or switches, both earning a point.

2017 OCCRA

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was the robot that was used in the “Trash Jam” Competition. The game involved trash cans, colored balls, and recycling. More specifically grabbing trash cans and dropping colored balls that were picked up prior to then into it.

2017 FIRST

Chick Hicks

The 2017 FIRST competition was STEAMworks. Chick Hicks needed to pick up a gear and then place it on an elevator. This gives sixty points. The point of the game is to score gears in order to prepare the Airship for “Takeoff”.

2016 OCCRA


This is the Go 4 It game that Alcatraz competed in. The point of the game was to pick up balls and then drop them in a crate to play “connect four”

2016 FIRST

Thomas The Train

This was the STRONGHOLD competition. Thomas the train needed to pick up the balls and go to the tower. There, Thomas The Train could either score in the top goal for five points or the lower goal for two points.

2014 FIRST


This is Emmet and he competed in the 2014 FIRST competition, aerial assist. The point of the game is to pick up the balls and either score in the low goal that gives one point or shoot in the top goal that gives ten points. If you assist the other robots you get extra points.